Saturday, September 1, 2007

A validation

I did a five man run in the Mana Tombs this morning which showed me that I can still be successful with Survival. I came in second at the end of the run, but was first on the meter for a brief period about halfway through; the person who came first was the rogue leading the group. It's not a raid, no...but it felt good.

Me coming first about midway through the instance.
Me coming first about midway through the instance.

Second in the meter right after the fight with Shaffar.

So for people who are wondering; yes, if you get a nice weapon and have a tight rotation, Survival can be competitive damage wise, at least in 5 mans. This isn't the first time I've had this result. You do need high agility though, and although my agility after LR is 525 now, and about 450ish before, I still can't get my ap over 1200 without losing ag. :(


Mera said...

Looks to me you had about +4% on him, with piggy added in.
Which is how much dps was added in overall by you. Thus, I say - you topped it.

Btw, how come your pet doesnt appear to have gore or bite?

Mirshalak said...

My boar has Gore. It's just never shown up on the toolbar, for some reason.

I think I trained the boar at a time when Gore was bugged, because the first couple times I tried to get the skill I couldn't learn it...I had to go to a few different mobs.

I finally got it from a ravager, but it didn't always show up on the bar even while I was using that pet.