Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gearing up, part 2

I'm still really busy collecting different items to get my agility in particular up to scratch. I found this guide, and also got some tips on the forum from the person who wrote it which really helped. Two days ago I was able to get a Necklace of the Deep and socketed it with 2 +8 agility gems, for 37 total agility. The item I'm currently farming the mats for is the Felstalker Breastplate, which will give me a total of 57.5 agility when fully socketed, after Lightning Reflexes, and a total of 109.5 attack power.

The next item I'm going to be chasing after that is Terokk's Quill. With a +35 agility enchant, this will give me 102.35 agility, and the same amount of attack power. In total, that will be 159 agility, and 211 rap.

I still haven't found socketed leggings, shoulders, or boots yet, either...Got to look for those next.


hciftci said...

I changed from BM specc to SV. What i now see is that all my epic gear is worthless and i have to collect blues - again :)

Hunyann said...

Don't get too dependant on having sockets in items. Sometimes an item with very high stats on the base can be better than one with lower stats combined with sockets.

Its not a tried and true science but sometimes the best gear doesn't always have sockets. But good choice on the Necklace of the Deep.

Mirshalak said...

hciftci, without knowing what gear you've got, I'll simply say don't throw it away too quickly.

Survival can still use AP. It's not a be-all end-all stat for us like Agility, but a little AP independent of Ag here and there won't hurt at all...it will make the crit range bigger for when you do crit, and will also make you hit harder non-crit. :)