Sunday, June 8, 2008

Armored healer lockdown with BM

Following on from my last post about Beast Mastery, there's a particular tactic I found very effective during my last AB weekend with BM that I didn't actually mention earlier.

As Survival, I will admit I've always had difficulty fighting Shamans in particular in PvP. The class is a lot more capable than what seems to be the popular perception, and I find that a good Shaman can actually be very strong defensively.

However, with BM in Arathi Basin, I was able to come up with a way of dealing with them, as long as I had a group with me, and to a degree this worked with Paladins as well, although less often because of the bubble.

If the Shaman was a healer, (and they usually were) I would focus as much ranged 1:1 fire on them as I could, (sometimes employing Rapid Fire as well) while other people in my group focused on killing the Alliance melee.

My goal wasn't actually to necessarily kill the Shaman; they were sometimes sufficiently armored and with high enough Resilience that alone I couldn't, quite. The goal was to use BM's higher base rate of fire to not only to keep them healing themselves constantly, but also to keep them tied up with spell pushback while trying to heal themselves. This meant that not only were they unable to heal anyone else, but they were also unable to drop totems, which could cause other problems.

I found that if I did that, and we had our own healers, my own group would be able to kill any accompanying Alliance Rogues and Warriors more easily, (because the Alliance were getting no or less heals) and eventually isolate and kill the Shaman themselves.

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