Thursday, June 12, 2008

I need to get a life

I haven't been in WoW hardly at all, recently; but oddly I don't feel as though I've really got too much else done, either. I'm working on a Hunter related project atm, and when that is finished, I'm uncertain as to how much more I'm going to be in the game.

Oh, I'm not leaving; not entirely...but there is a need to balance online life with offline. I'm 31 years old, which means that according to the usual human life expectancy, I'm approaching the halfway point. I need to do something of at least minor consequence before I die.

I will still be around, but I'm hoping I can start to develop a somewhat more full offline calendar as well. There's actually some people wanting to get a Durga temple started in Rockbank, in Melbourne. They're having some trouble getting it off the ground apparently, but I'd like to maybe at least make contact with them and see where it goes. Of course, not actually being ethnic Indian myself is making me feel a little nervous about approaching them, but hopefully that wouldn't be a problem.

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