Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm noticing a trend...

Over the last 48 hours or so, when I've mentally asked myself what I want or am going to do, the answer hasn't always automatically been WoW.

This has actually been the case for the first time since I can remember; I'm starting to look for other things to do, and not just some of the time. I can isolate a few reasons for it, I think.

1) The dailies are no longer really doable for me on Thaurissan at all. The server has recently allowed free transfers there for Alliance players from PvE realms, and so the island is now literally a perpetual warzone. As soon as I start to try and quest, I will suddenly get close to a dozen mobs crashing into me that some Alliance player has pulled. I can't transfer off either, because I don't have a credit card.

2) Pugging is largely dead. On a new farming alt the other night, I had the first positive pug (a Wailing Caverns run) that I have in months, and a few since then have been bad without exception. Pugs were always hit or miss, but I often used to get into some really good ones; these days however, a decent one will happen maybe 5% of the time. The difficulty in even the lowest instances has been nerfed into the ground, and nobody cares about any semblance of order any more. It's just chain pull, chain pull, chain pull, wipe.

3) I can't get Kara pugs on Thaurissan because of the degree to which people on that server hate Hunters. Every time I've asked if I can come in response to a Trade ad, the reply is always, "No Hunters."

4) Because pugging is as dead as it is, any incentive I might have otherwise felt to keep levelling my alts on Normal servers is largely non-existent as well.

I realise; I played this game to try and have positive interaction with other people. That doesn't seem to be possible any more, so I'm finding myself wanting to look for things where I can find it.

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