Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back - almost

I've been bedridden with my second attack of gout, which is slightly more severe than the last one was. Although it seems to have taken close to a week, I seem to have turned the corner earlier today, finally; the pain and swelling are almost entirely gone, and renal function is returning to normal.

It's made me realise that offline in a general sense, I need to start applying the same degree of conservatism which I traditionally have with Survival in WoW. Although my weight is nowhere near that which people on the forum have at times enjoyed implying, I had previously indulged in a lifetime consumption of Coca Cola, (which, for most of my existence, has been my only real vice) as well as a recent excessive consumption of pizza.

The recent attack though, has made me aware that if I want to avoid premature death, my diet needs changing. I'd already been heading in this direction, but now it's official; Coke and pizza are out, and pescatarianism and green tea are in.

I'm seeing the same principle at work outside of the game to what I've seen inside it; we engage in excess (high threat, max damage to targets when soloing, in WoW terms) because it can feel good, but often, doing more than necessary is self-defeating and harmful; it can be good to get back to basics.

It will probably still be a few days before I'm back to being my usual outspoken, emo self, but don't worry; I'll be back and enthusiastically seeking narcissistic supply on the forum again in no time. ;-)

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