Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A new alt

Something I've neglected to mention over the last few days is that I've started a new alt called Lougass. He's a Blood Elf; Mirsh has traditionally been a bit weak against casters in AB, so I wanted to see if the Blood Elf racials could help out a little there.

He's also pure Survival. Mirsh levelled Surv with a few points in BM; Hawk, Monkey, and ET mainly, but still not pure Surv. He's level 23 now, with 110 Ag so far; got that at level 21 though.

He's cost me a lot, as well. I've spent prolly 120g on him from my bank alt buying 10-19 twink Ag gear. Most people would prolly think that's a really dumb thing to do, but it is letting me tear through mobs in Stonetalon.

It's also confirmed my belief that Survival is as much trap based at lower levels as it is at higher ones. Before level 20, it's very, very painful. Partly because you don't have Immolation Trap yet, but also partly because there's no really good gear at that point.

Once you get Immolation Trap and Clever Traps though, it's fine. I'm finding that with my gear, in the instances I've done so far with the toon, my damage output is higher than anyone else there just with Serpent and Auto. I know that won't last, mind you.

I really miss playing as Mirsh, though. I still love Orcs. ;-)

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