Friday, April 10, 2009

Back in the game

My younger brother is away with his girlfriend for a few days at the moment, so I am taking advantage of the opportunity to get in some WoW time.

I did my first instance for probably a month earlier last night. It wasn't a Heroic because there weren't any going; it was Normal Utgarde Keep. The other people seemed to appreciate the help, though, and even though I'm still only a bare 2k DPS, it seemed to speed things along a bit, as well.

An interesting thing; I also got several /flirt emotes for the first time in a long time, as well. As I at times have perhaps mentioned, I'm not female myself, but the toon was designed on the basis of what I often do find attractive in terms of the opposite sex.

I can see you all shuddering and wincing in horror here, and you're dead right; as I've written before, I consider my attraction to this type of women to be a curse, to the point where I've been celibate since leaving my last ex-girlfriend, and at this point, will remain so for the foreseeable future.

As far as my last ex-girlfriend was concerned, there were some major coincidences associated with her and the film Sheena, based on the comic Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. My ex's name, without mentioning it specifically, contained elements of the name of both the character from that film, and the actor. Her brother once told me that his nickname for her was, "the Queen of the Jungle," as well, due to her volatile personality. Aside from this film's actor herself, I'd also only ever seen three other women who resembled the ex physically, and without any exaggeration, all three of them had been working in the porn industry.

As gloriously intense as such a she-wolf was in the sack, things quickly became so unpleasant in every other aspect of our relationship that my interest even in the sexual side of things diminished rapidly as well. In real world terms, I don't want that type of woman any more, but I don't seem to be able to avoid running into them. My only real attraction to them is purely sexual; in most other respects I actually find them deeply repugnant, as rage can pose an insurmountable obstacle to genuine intimacy.

So to a degree it has surprised me at times, when people in-game have occasionally (although not all that often) expressed that they consider Mirsh visually attractive. Of course, I do myself, but I didn't expect anyone else to do so.

I think the concept of the proverbial wild woman is something a lot of us are attracted to on some level or another; however that is the point. We're attracted to the concept, but if we're smart, this is one fantasy which doesn't become reality. I learned that the hard way, over the space of six years. I'm going to want the next woman I get involved with to have the most introverted, boring personality on the face of the planet, and compared to what I've already experienced in life, while that might not be as much fun sexually, it will be comparitive bliss everywhere else.

Sarah Connor might well be the shag of the century, but she's still a lot less pleasure than pain. As much as my libido might love the idea of Orcish women, in the future my heart will only be won by a woman who keeps the Blood Fury procs to a minimum. ;-)

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