Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One of my greatest pleasures

I was at a shopping centre with my mother yesterday, and when she went to a bottle shop there herself to buy some vodka, I ran into one of these rare treasures. I've experienced the 8 year aged variant of Wild Turkey before, but had never bought a bottle of this.

I am, as I write, currently enjoying a double of this with Coke, and it is much more smooth than a single when mixed with the lowest grade version. There is apparently also, from what I have seen online, a 15 year aged Wild Turkey variant available, and I will have to track down a bottle of that in due course, as well.

This is not, I will confess, a mild form of alcohol. ;) The standard Wild Turkey is 43.4%, and 86.8 proof. Rare Breed, this particular variety, carries an alcohol volume of 54.2%, or 108.2 barrel proof.

Guywired, a fellow Survival Hunter, actually made a thread about his recognition of the archetypical synergy between Surv and bourbon when Big Red Kitty's forums first opened, and he is entirely correct.

It is worth noting that Wild Turkey in particular, actually owes its' name to real life Hunters. The drink apparently got its' name due to having first been made by turkey shooters.

To my American readers, I will say that there are certain elements of your country's culture which I am deeply enamoured with, and will be forever grateful for. While there are truthfully very few forms of alcohol which I can stomach, Wild Turkey will, I strongly suspect, always be my poison of choice. The company actually calls the 15 year aged version, "the American spirit," and were I American myself, I would very much consider the drink something worthy of patriotic fervour. ;-)

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