Friday, April 3, 2009

Yet Another Non-WoW Blog Post

Hey everyone,
Unfortunately my brother's ban from the shared account didn't last very long; he is in his room as we speak, blissfully asleep, while Bit Torrent presumably runs, causing me a 10 or so second lag on DNS lookups, and an average of around 4000 ms latency if I try and play WoW. Hence, I'm probably going to try and get my phone account moved to this house in the next week, and get my own net account back.

I will also mention a couple of other non-WoW related activities that I've engaged in recently as well, as they might interest some people. I'm seeing a lot of people leave both the game and the blogosphere recently, but my own recent absence notwithstanding, I think it is important for people to try and maintain contact with each other, if we can.

First off, I've had an impulse to begin a minor self-improvement phase, recently. I've started doing these exercises once a day, for about a week now, as well as periodically (but not as regularly) doing this.

I'm also making changes to my diet. Aside from maybe a single daily can or bottle, I'm off Coca Cola entirely and have instead switched to a combination of water and green tea. Although it has admittedly only been a week, I've noticed substantially less sinus problems as a result of this, and I also seem a little more relaxed than when I was primarily on Coke, as well.

While I certainly can't claim to be truly vegetarian, I'm again attempting to make another transition to that as well. Although it generally hasn't lasted, at least so far, I tend to make such an attempt every couple of years, primarily because of the degree of food allergies which I seem to have. I got hold of some millet yesterday and tried it boiled, and found it interesting, but I've read some worrying information about it potentially causing hypothyroidism as well.

The third recent thing I've started doing, tying into the above, is supplementation with a few different vitamins, minerals, and herbs. B complex, Zinc, CoQ10, (all three of these are good for energy and general wellbeing) a Gingko/fish oil combo, (Gingko is good for blood circulation, memory and concentration, and the genuine enlargement of a particular extremity which you might have heard a Troll mention once ;)) and a liver detox formulation which includes milk thistle, celery seed, and a few other things.

Lastly, over the last two days I've also reinstalled Ubuntu Linux, and have begun to again sporadically work on my own planned Linux From Scratch based system. It is slow going, but I'm getting there. I tend to read this site during compiles; for people who enjoyed the Terminator movies, it's great stuff!

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