Saturday, April 25, 2009

Merc duty

As mentioned in an earlier post, I gave two guys a run through the Scholomance the other night; got the Achievement as well which was good. My pay was unusually good, as well; 200g.

I admit; when Rilgon talks about being passionate about raiding, as far as PvE is concerned, that is what I really love to do. It's actually the reason why I never raided during TBC. I was constantly taking people through different places. It very much fits Mirsh as a character, in RP terms in particular. ;)

I wish Blizzard would copy EQ's mentoring program, as it would give me a lot more to do in the game. EQ (and I think maybe EQ2) has a scenario where if someone higher level joins a 5 man or so group with lower level characters, the higher level person's gear will be downgraded temporarily to match the rest of the group. The higher level character is given some incentive for doing it as well, which I can't remember specifically...although I'd do it purely for gold.

Given that I've been forum banned (sheepish grin) would someone who still has forum access maybe be willing to start a thread in the Suggestions forum about this for me? I'd love it if Blizzard added this in a future patch. Given how big Pike's readership is too, I'm sure there are people on her server who would love it if they could get groups with her, as well.

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