Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remembering Survival

I just found this video on YouTube. It's of the last few minutes of The Dark Knight.

It reminded me of when I made this blog post, about what Survival ideally was, for me.

I actually do enjoy my dailies, now. I log in, do the Icecrown ones, sometimes go and farm Quel'Danas to make up around another 100g from there, and then log out. I just renewed my subscription, and I actually added a debit card number for the first time this month; so I'm not going anywhere.

It's nothing like what I have experienced in the past, though. The battlegrounds were glorious, primarily pre-TBC, but they could still be good during TBC as well. 5 mans during TBC were also still at least partly worth doing.

I can still play. I can still get in, and farm, and run the odd old instance with people, and dream...but it's not the same. I know it never will be again.

I can no longer express this to you on the forum, Ghostcrawler; but I will not forget what you and the "new Blizzard," have taken from me.

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