Friday, March 21, 2008

It's been a week!

Long time. Sorry about that, guys.

I guess I just don't feel as though I've really had anything terribly riveting to say; although one positive point is that I worked out I was going to need 50 primal air at a price of 20g each to get my flying mount, and I've got 20 now, plus close to another 200g on my bank alt. So I'm getting closer.

Air farming in SMV really is not what I consider an enjoyable use of my time though, to be honest. Best case scenario, it's simply slow, and mind numbingly, brain breakingly boring. Worst case scenario, I've have to dodge drive-by ganking from the Alliance, as well as compete with other members of the Horde for the elementals.

In other news, I've recently been working on levelling up an alt Paladin. I wanted to go for Prot, but in the two WC runs I've been able to get so far, everyone's wanted me to heal; so I'm trying to be adaptable, even though I find that very boring.

I know Pike has an alt project going; is the Paladin a class you've ever considered yourself, Pike?

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