Friday, March 14, 2008

To My Readers

I know my last couple of posts haven't exactly been brimming with the proverbial Light. I can get fairly negative a lot of the time; my personality finds viewing the glass as half empty to be easier in general, if I'm honest. I also know how I am on the forum, and people who see me there might think that that is very different to the nature of this post in particular.

I admit. I'm a person of extremes; both dark and light. I can at times be as savage on the forum as anyone else, and yet at the moment, I am drawn to feeling entirely the opposite. My mind is clear; I am at peace. If I was going to be truly and horribly arrogant, perhaps as much so as I have been accused on the forum of being, I could say that that is, I think, why I am drawn to Kali. I feel that, at least in terms of being composed of opposites, Mother and I have something in common. ;-)

Given that, this time around, I wanted to write about some things I am grateful for.

  • I'm enormously grateful for the opportunity to have created, and played the game with, this character. It's done a lot for my self image, and I like to think I've learned a lot from it as well, both inside and outside the game.

  • I'm also even more grateful for this blog, and for the people who continue to show their support for it. This has given me a means to express myself and communicate with a couple of people on a greater level than what I'm normally able to. It's also at times given me a sense of purpose; whenever I do get really down, or wonder what real use there is to my life in general, when I remember what I'm able to do here, and some of the responses I've had, I start to feel a lot better.

I'm perhaps a bit different to Trackhoof and Pike, in that there are some prickly edges with me, where they perhaps are uniformly positive. However, I join with them in saying what I feel they also did, in their own way, if not in so many words.

I do love you all. :)

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