Friday, March 7, 2008

So much gear, so little time...

So in addition to the other pieces I'm currently after, I also recently discovered the existence of the Ornate Khorium Rifle, which has the utterly glorious firing rate (for Survival) of 3.1 seconds.

The price of the mats appears utterly horrific, but I'm still salivating over this. After my quiver, that would put me at 2.9 seconds base. I've also resolved however not to look for any haste gear in particular; I want my attack speed as slow as possible, for the 1:1.5 rotation.

For dual wielding, I also still have my eye on a pair of these beauties with a +20 ag enchant as well. I don't believe in dual wielding full time as a Hunter, as I've written previously...but I very much like to keep a pair of daggers in my bags for special occasions. Most of the time however, I keep my Quill equipped while shooting.

Am also learning much about gold farming recently...will post more of my findings on that soon. :)

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