Saturday, March 1, 2008

Some revised advice for Surv levelling.

(This was posted in response to someone asking for advice on how to start with Survival in the forum. I know I've already written on how to start with Surv from level 10 in my own opinion for those who want to try it, but I think I'm going to have to go back and fairly radically revise that) - Level 14. - Level 19. - Level 21. - Level 26. - Level 29. - Level 34. - Level 37. - Level 42. - Level 43. - Level 49. - Level 70.

Be warned; this is not a Hunter forum groupthink approved path. There is, however, a method to my madness, and said method is that when you are soloing as Survival your single main priority is to manage your threat. If the mob gets off your pet and onto you, you have been deprived of your greatest source of damage; range.

For this reason, starting out you actually don't want as much crit, (although you will want it later) especially considering that you should be focused on building your Agility as soon as possible, and Agility adds to %crit on its' own.

For damage therefore you rely on Serpent Sting, Immolation Trap, and Auto Shots to kill mobs, with the two dots and Steady, Auto after you get Steady at 62. This is low damage, yes...but it's also low threat, and will be enough to kill non-elite mobs as you level.

In instances while levelling with this build your primary role will be CC with Freezing Trap, and pulling mobs off healers/offtanking. You will do some DPS as you get closer to 60 and 400 or so Agility, but Survival earlier on is extremely defensively oriented, and damage as such is not your main concern.

Don't worry about raiding until you hit 70; you can respec at that point, and by then you'll know enough probably to know how to do that yourself anywayz.

Battlegrounds you'll do find protecting flagbases with CC, offering supporting fire, and some offtanking.

Work on your Agility, as early and as rapidly as possible. Scour the Auction House for "of the Monkey," items as they will have the Agility and Stamina you will need. Use items with that name more or less exclusively. Do not get Strength, it does nothing for you. Do not worry about Int until around level 60. Do not get Spirit, it does very little for you as well.

Get mining and skinning as professions. Get a boar as a pet.

Good luck. :)

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