Monday, March 31, 2008

New Blog:- The Temple of Survivalism

I admit; I don't normally like it when Hunters engage in hero worship on the forum. However, in this particular instance I'm going to unashamedly engage in it myself.

Trackhoof has referred to me, in his description of my blog on his, as a master Survivalist. While I was flattered by that, in truth it is definitely not the case. The person whose blog I am linking here, however, can truthfully and without hyperbole be referred to as such.

I linked to Bandet's PvP videos in an earlier post here; they are simply amazing. The Hunter class is one of the least-represented in the Arena currently, and Survival the least of that. Becoming truly effective with Survival in the Arena, therefore, is something that very few among us have managed to do.

I know that for some time, people have looked for a Survival-based equivalent to BRK's blog; and it has been my privelege to at least attempt to serve in that capacity. However, in addition to my own continued writing, you will now be able to draw on the guidance of a Survival Hunter infinitely more skilled than I.

Bandet's specialty, as far as I know, is PvP, so for other aspects of the game, the writings of others can still hold much relevance; however in the area of Survival PvP specifically, I know of none better.

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