Saturday, March 29, 2008

Some awesome addons

Hey guys,
Another fairly long delay between posting, except for the last quick one, but hopefully you'll consider it worth the wait. I believe in quality over quantity with blog posts; I won't write unless I've got something genuine to say, which means I sometimes won't write every day, either.

My recent bout of alt-itis actually does have a purpose leading back to my main; I'm trying to discover a means of making money utilising herbs/skins/ore from all levels of the game, not just by selling primals at the cap.

I've recently found several awesome addons to help me to that end, as well.

MobMap - This addon is amazing. It's like having a copy of Thottbot or Wowhead in-game. It has a database of the locations of quests, NPCs, ore veins, and herb nodes in the game, and once you get search results in it, clicking said results will cause the location of the items you're looking for to be overlaid on your map. The installation is a little tricky though, and it's short on documentation, so make sure you grab the installer, rather than just the manual zip files, as I couldn't figure out how to get it to install successfully otherwise.

The locations are accurate, too. Only a few minutes ago I managed to rustle up 60 units of copper ore and a few bits of silver and tin around the Crossroads to smelt and put on the AH. Took me prolly half an hour to find the ore, which prolly translates into around 15 minutes for normal people. ;-) It makes it really fast when you know where to look.

FarmIt helps keep track of how many units of a given commodity you've got so far, too. Add a new blank slot in its' bar, drag the item from your inventory to the slot, and it'll keep track of how many ore or whatever you've got as you're mining/farming. If you're like me and have bags constantly filled with junk of all kinds, having to dig through them to check how many ore units or motes you've got periodically becomes a pain; this means you don't have to.

Once you've got a lot of stuff though, the next problem that then surfaces is putting it on the Auction House without getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Enhanced Stack Split is something I found to help me break ingot stacks up into lots of 2 ingots each. I prefer to sell items in stacks of 2 rather than stacks of 20, because especially with lower level items, it means that people with less money are then still able to buy as much of something as they need, even if they can't afford the full 20.

Igor's Mass Auction also adds a window to your usual Auction House interface that allows you to throw 18 items up on the AH at once. It also allows for single click price and duration setting across the lot, making it one of the single most useful addons I've come across in a while.

Reagent Restocker
is similar, except for buying stuff from vendors. If you're doing a leatherworking run, for instance, specify a shopping list with say 30 thread, open a window with a trade supplies vendor, and then watch as it automagically buys said thread or whatever else you specify, and also records how much it cost you. It also does auto purchasing of ammunition/food/water for Hunters, auto-repair at vendors who can do that, and pretty much anything else you can think of where buying from vendors is concerned.

CheckList2, like the name suggests, allows for the creation of checklists. I used this for a bit to remind myself to check ammo, food, and water on login and logout. It's good for defining pre-instance and other sorts of checklists as well.

Although not an addon, a web site I find invaluable is Whenever I want to start selling a new type of item, I've been going and looking up the median price on that site, and that is how I set prices.

That might seem a little low sometimes, but when I allowed myself to be led by the AH's usual rises and falls, I got burned fairly badly a couple of times. These days I sell at the median pretty much constantly. If someone else wants to resell what I put up, I don't have a problem with that either, since the market will usually only bear another 20-30% at most on top of the median anywayz, and they also are exposed to the risk that at that price, the item won't sell. To me, 2g now is a lot better than 3g never.

Go forth and farm. ;-)

Wow Item Creator!

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