Sunday, March 2, 2008

My new keybinding setup

As I mentioned I would when plugging Sisutar's little guide, I finally got around to installing Bongos yesterday and throwing together a new keybinding setup for myself. It's rather non-standard I think, but it gives me a lot more rapid control than my previous setup, I'm finding. Keybindings are:-

RDFG - movement.
` - Focus target
Q - Pet passive
W - Petattack/Hunter's Mark macro
A - Feign Death
S - Serpent Sting pull shot macro
Z - Freezing Trap
E - Steady Shot
T - Arcane Shot
Y - Multi Shot
H - Arcane Rank 1 pull shot macro
V - Distracting Shot focus macro for use with Freeze Trap
B - Immolation Trap
U - Snake Trap
2 - Mongoose Bite
3 - Wing Clip
4 - Raptor Strike
5 - Exposive Trap
6 - Misdirection
7 - Wyvern Sting macro

Nearest target - Mouse scrollwheel up
Prev target - - Mouse scrollwheel down

The central element of this is RDFG for movement. It's difficult to get used to if you've been WASDing it for years, as I have, but my main reason for wanting to do it is the amount of keys I've now got on both sides of my movement keys, rather than only having most of them to the right as was the case with WASD.

My reaction time with it is up; I was chain trapping a lot more solidly in the Shattered Halls yesterday, and my macros for a couple things have really cut down on stray shots/Huntard moments as well. I'll post those macros soon as well.

My apologies for the infrequency of posts recently; it seems that every time I sit down to either play WoW or write a blog entry, someone knocks at the front door. It's usually someone with a DVD insisting that I go and watch it and refusing to take no for an answer. ;-)

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