Sunday, February 22, 2009

A baby Hunter on Nagrand

One of the alts I have on the go at the moment is a Hunter on Nagrand. The reason why I am levelling there is because I have a friend on that server, who was playing on Saurfang, (where my main is) and then transferred. I don't have either the money or a credit card in order to transfer right now, and I wanted to be able to play low level Warsong Gulch for a bit anyway, so I decided I'd make a new toon.

I'm still only level 13 with it, and have about 10 hours /played...I'm very slow, as I've admitted elsewhere. I tend to be extremely particular about things which some other people would yell at me for, such as making sure I am at max range before starting to fire, etc. Even at the cap, I still tend to time kills on the basis of my trap or Feign Death cooldowns, and also use throwing axes for pulling as well. So it is very slow, but I do love how passive and honestly effortless it feels.

I'm levelling Survival as usual though (*grin*) and in order to do that, am being very obsessive about my stats, as early as possible. I can usually get 100 Agility by level 20, and have 50 now at 13, so I don't think that is too bad.

To be able to level in any decent space of time with Surv at all, though, you really do need to twink your head off, at least before 60, although I also do it because of how much I love battlegrounds. We don't get the first rank Immolation Trap until 20, and Trap Mastery is 41 point now. It used to be 10 point, to coincide with Immolation Trap. The new devs have ruined so much of the synchronicity that this game used to have.

The single reason why levelling with Mirsh back in the day, I never had mount money, is because literally every spare cent went to the Auction House on gear. I've been known to buy new greens every three levels or so, and will do so for an increase of as little as 3-5 Ag, if I can get it; like I said, I'm obsessive. Other than Imp Tracking though, (and Hunter Vs Wild, at about level 25) there really isn't much in Surv for damage, early on.

I'm also using a boar as a pet, currently, which is working fine. They eat anything, they're awesome tanks, the extra health keeps them alive against adds, and if I'm trapping, they usually don't have any problem holding threat, although at level 13, that isn't an issue either.

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