Saturday, February 7, 2009

Removal of ammunition from the game

Gundersson told me about this last night.

I'm trying to figure out how to explain why I think this is a bad thing, in a way people will actually understand. I wrote a rant about it on the forum, and predictably got called a moron for it.

I guess I just feel, primarily, as though it is an immersion issue, more than anything else. I can't remember the last computer game I played, of any kind, where I had a ranged weapon of whatever type, and ammunition wasn't an issue. In most of the first person shooter games I've played, having to keep track of, and ration, various types of ammunition is usually one of the primary challenges inherent in the game.

Not only that, but having to keep track of food, water, and ammo in WoW actually felt like a defining aspect of playing the class. In real life, logistical management is one of the things Hunters have to do. I also prided myself on always having enough, when I saw a number of other Hunters running around without it. I would try and tell new Hunters to always make sure they had enough, as well...whereas Blizzard's answer to the issue apparently isn't to demand that people are more mentally active, but simply to remove things and make it easier.

It is things like this, however, which honestly make me wonder how much longer I'm going to be playing this game. Gundersson said he was giving up, but I think that was a statement made in anger in his post; I'm not sure if he really meant it or not.

I'm going to still be here, but...the game is falling apart.

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