Monday, February 2, 2009

Offline Adventures

I have a legitimate excuse for neglecting the blog, for once.

I received my steel mailbox through my bedroom window at 4 AM last Saturday morning. (Two days ago)

My housemate woke me, (I'm unsure how I managed to sleep through it; he said that on hearing the noise, his initial suspicion was a traffic accident) and I woke up with the bed covered in broken glass, although somehow I was unscathed.

I'm not exactly certain what it was that I did, but I suspect I've managed to fairly grievously offend someone in Sunbury, because that wasn't the first time I've had such an incident occur. Less than a month ago, there was an attempted burglary, and the day after that, the house was set on fire by a driveby throwing of a cluster of fireworks at the roof.

I eventually came to suspect that someone was possibly trying to kill me, and in turn, concluded that leaving the neighbourhood might be a good idea. I have since, and fortunately very rapidly, been able to do so.

I still have a bit of setting up to do, but I will resume regular blog posting within a day or two. To tide of you over, Gundersson is possibly going to be a special guest poster here at the Lair, as well. He doesn't have her own blog as such, but is very much a kindred spirit in terms of his use of Survival and general philosophy with the game, and so I will welcome his material.

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