Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new time card

I have the unopened box in front of my keyboard as I speak, and will be entering the code momentarily. While some are sadly closing their doors, and others have already left the game, although to a degree I am diversifying my interests, WoW is still going to be part of my life, although possibly not as exclusively as it once was.

So I'll still be trolling the forums, active on Twitter, and swearing at people in Trade with my bank alt about the state of the server economy on Saurfang. ;)

What that also means, however, is that as I've said, while people are still going to get an Orc named Mirshalak, I'm tearing down the fourth wall. Being Mirsh has been beneficial for me, but I feel that it's also time to take some of the benefits that I've derived from that and apply them in a few other areas as well. I've never been content, as you know, to write purely about WoW here, because in keeping with the belief that, "all is Maya," I feel that WoW can have consequences on people's lives that are just as real as any in offline life, and that has certainly been true in my own case.

For now, though, to install the time card. I need to buy a RAF account for someone at some point, I think...I want to finish levelling my alts on Pike's and Rilgon's servers at some point, and maybe one on the servers of a couple of my other readers as well, depending on where you are. It'd be good to play with some of the people I talk to on Twitter!

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