Friday, February 20, 2009

A brief hiatus

I haven't logged into WoW since probably the night before I made my last post, a week ago.

I've had a lot of stuff going on in real life recently, and I've found another interest as well at the moment, which is taking up a fair amount of my time. I won't specifically name what said interest is, other than to say that it isn't atheistic in focus, and I have enough trolls who read this blog who are atheists that I don't particularly want the heckling that I would get from them if I mentioned it.

I'm also planning on installing Wubi and getting back into UNIX programming at some point, but I haven't done that yet.

Truthfully, I'm pretty much burned out on being a Hunter at the level cap at this point. I could level up my Druid or Mage, since I do find tanking or Druid healing fun, and the Mage can be periodically good too. The only way I could see still playing a Hunter though, would be as a 29 or so twink, at this point.

So I guess that's the question; are you guys still willing to hang around if this becomes an alt blog, as opposed to a pure Hunter blog? I'm not saying I will never play Mirsh again, at all...but truthfully, Ghostcrawler has just done too much damage to my class; he is going to need to more or less revert Survival back to the way it was at 2.1 for me to become interested again at this point; and I think we all know that that is unlikely to happen.

I will still be playing alts, and if there is some interest in hearing about my adventures with them, I will record them here; but I can't promise how much more I'm going to be playing as a Hunter, at this point.

I'm also thinking of starting a non-WoW related blog as well; I could mention my activities with UNIX programming there, without getting trolled by people who only want to read about WoW. I'd like to maybe collaborate with Rilgon or Pike on some Linux stuff to at least a minor degree, perhaps.
Give me some suggestions. :)

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