Friday, May 16, 2008

816 Agility

So after getting my Belt of Deep Shadow and socketing it yesterday, as well as managing to grab a Delicate Eternium Ring, I'm now at 816 base Ag, and just over 30% base crit. I also managed to get to the Black Morass finally yesterday and finish the keying quest for Karazhan, although I'm aware that doesn't really mean anything now.

Tonight I'm going after the Truestrike Ring which I'm hoping is still on the AH. Given that I will be needing to use the Sonic Spear to reach the Survival hit cap, I will need the ring to also stay above 800 ag, since even with a +35 enchant, the Spear's agility is 20 odd less than the Quill with the same enchant.

The only thing I can really see myself wanting from Kara at this point are the Fiend Slayer Boots. With them, I could get an additional 16 Agility and 367 armour over my current Master's Treads, as well as gaining a single point of hit rating.

I wouldn't mind the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix, although the Gladiator's Heavy Crossbow is roughly comparable damage wise, would probably be a lot easier to get, has crit rating which I actually value more over Agility at this point, and also has an attack speed that I consider preferable. Legacy would also be nice aesthetically, but stat wise it's +5 agility and +20 RAP, and I really can't afford to lose the +hit on the Spear at the moment, either.

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