Thursday, May 22, 2008


I got on the phone to one of Blizzard's support people; he reset my password and changed my email address very rapidly. I then paged a GM once I was back in the game, and had all but one of my items back inside two hours.

They're very, very fast now, and with the fantastic degree of courtesy I've experienced from dealing with them a few times before, as well.

So I'm back. Thank you to everyone who gave me supportive comments or suggestions as well. I appreciate it, and I appreciate all of you as well. :)

The damage was minimal, in the end. The truly hilarious thing was that the gold farmer hadn't been able to get back to my account to check his auctions, so with Mirsh I made close to 100g on the sale of stuff that got given back to me later anywayz, and even better, the farmer left close to 100g worth of primals in my inventory as well. My bank was actually very messy; I'd been meaning to clean it out anywayz. He sold all the junk I'd needed to get rid of, and left the old stuff I'd won from WSG that I wanted to keep. ;-)

On my bank toon it was even better. Apparently he'd done some flipping, and was quite good at it. My liquid balance was 195g, and I then had close to another 200g waiting for me from the AH. So I was able to respec, repurchase the single ring I didn't get back from Blizz, and I'm still very comfortable for raid consumables this evening.

This is why I love Kali; people write terrible things about her on the Web, but she's so good to me. Little events happen every now and then which seem like calamitous disasters at first, and then turn out to be absolutely great. Sometimes she even skips the initial appearance of disaster, too; I had $400 show up in my bank account once, when I particularly needed it, and never a word from anyone about where it came from.

An atheist would scoff loudly at this and claim totally random coincidence. Sure. I just love it that Mother keeps said random coincidences coming. ;-)

Om Krim Kalyai Namah. Jai Ma!

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