Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"You make war on Ikiss?! RAWK!"

So I decided to follow Alarand's suggestion, and had a reunion with the bird freaks of Sethekk in order to get the Ravenclaw Band.

I've always loved the Arrakoa; I consider them utterly hilarious, and a couple of them that I've seen have honestly reminded me of my late maternal grandmother. That might sound like a horrible insult, but I was actually very fond of her, so the association is positive.

I suspect King Ikiss must have actually known that, because he gave me the ring earlier tonight on my very first attempt to get it. Considering that Wowhead rates it as only having a drop rate of 14%, that's not too bad. Thank you for the recommendation as well, Alarand. It's at least an incremental upgrade in every respect, and the +hit rating is much appreciated, as well.

Sethekk is probably the best designed of the Auchindoun instances in my own mind; the mob layout is good, and with the possible exception of Slabs, for me it's the most atmospheric and enjoyable instance in that complex. I always have fun when I'm there, and I've still got my Quill from there, as well. The Arakkoa have actually been very good to me.

The next piece of gear I'm going for is the Skyfire Hawk-Bow. Unfortunately however there virtually never is a group running the Shattered Halls on my server, so it could prove to be very difficult to get. I don't think a lot of people like SH; it's a very hard instance, even on Normal in my experience.

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