Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kara was a bust

So I show up, go to the Deadwind Pass etc, and hang around for prolly an hour at the Kara meeting stone for people to get ready. I'm excited, all psyched up, etc. Everyone gets there, and we go in.

First it turns out that they'd already done one boss a previous night. Then it turns out that a pugger they had in the previous night, who they kicked, was somehow able to get back into their instance, and because he was angry about having been kicked, he made another group and completely cleared the entire thing, purely in order to spite my guild.

So because there was a four day timer on it, it turns out Kara is largely out for us until next week. We were half pugged anywayz; there was one boss left, Netherspite, who we wiped 3-4 times on. Not 1% wipes either, but at still more than 50% health usually because most of us didn't know the fight.

This was my concession prize, though. Raid buffed, with Survival I've finally managed to clear 1k Agility. I don't know what my DPS output was, since I didn't have a meter running, but I was pulling aggro all over the place on Netherspite and some of the trash we did, even with Salv up, so I figure I must have been doing something decent.

Although I was Surv during that Kara run, I'm playing around with the BM spec the gold farmer left me with again at the moment, too. I'm finding the fast attack speed in AB a lot of fun, and lack of range is no longer a problem with Hawk Eye, but not having Mortal Shots means my damage is down a lot, even when critting. It is only meant as a farming spec tho, so I prolly shouldn't be using it for that; I just wish there was a way I could get 3/3 Hawk Eye and Mortal Shots, with the rest in BM as a hypothetical farming/railgun PvP build.

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