Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My account has been hacked

I can't log in, and someone else is playing it as I write. Some of the gear has been changed in my armory profile, and my spec has been changed to Beast Mastery.

I also tried to have my account name and password sent to my email address, but apparently that information has also been wiped.

I honestly don't know how this could have happened, because I've never bought farmed gold, or engaged in any illicit activities. I also don't use automatic update downloaders to download addons.

I'm debating whether to simply make a new account; but if I do it's two years down the drain. I was heading for a Conqueror title from the battlegrounds, as well as finally being able to begin raiding on Friday.

EDIT:- I had a member of my new guild on MSN, so I contacted him. He verified that the account is currently active, and the character Mirshalak is being used. He tried to communicate, but was put on ignore. I have now sent an email to Blizzard. I am worried that some of my equipment has been sold, as some of it is no longer showing on the character; particularly the Belt of Deep Shadow. There is only one person I know of who is capable of making that item on Thaurissan, and the materials were quite arduous to get; I think I would have had to farm for something like 14 hours for the mats.

I hope I can get my account back.

EDIT 2:- One element of this which I'm actually finding amusing is that the spec that I've been changed to is 41/11/9, which is fairly evidently the spec of choice of the stereotypical Chinese gold farmer; I might have to actually write that down for use as a potential farming spec of my own if I ever need more primals for gear. ;-)

Some humour in tragedy, I guess.

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