Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A new guild, and Karazhan on Friday

An offline friend of mine recently had a disagreement within his old guild, and split with them. He reformed another one, and invited me to join it yesterday. I agreed, and the group leader messaged me soon after and invited me to a Kara raid this Friday night, server time.

I'm excited, but now there is a decision to be made. Do I respec for it, or not? I downloaded Cheeky's spreadsheet for Open Office yesterday morning, and entered my profile into it. The DPS projection was, to be honest, an embarassment. It rated me at being just under 600 personal DPS with Survival after I get the Skyfire Hawk-Bow, and 715 with my new Wind Serpent. Beast Mastery, according to the spreadsheet, with the same gear would put me at around 830.

The positive part is that according to the spreadsheet, with my current gear, EW and IHM combined give me and every melee or physical class in a raid an extra 640 AP, which for me anyway works out at around another 45 DPS. Assuming seven casters or healers in a 25 man, that's a total of 810 DPS.

Given that it's 10 man, I think I'm going to wait until I know what the Kara group composition is before making a decision. If it's particularly caster heavy, and/or they already have CC due to one or more Mages, I'll respec to BM temporarily. If it isn't, and they still need CC, I will stay with Survival.

For 25 mans, however, for me it's going to be Survival all the way. I'm not only the only Survival Hunter, but I'm the only Hunter in general that I know of in our guild right now; so I'm going to make sure that for EW buffing in the raids we do, I'm it.

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