Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More messing with Cheeky's spreadsheet

After hitting Revered with the SSO at the end of my dailies this morning I was able to get the Truestrike Crossbow. The spreadsheet is claiming that the Crossbow will give me a 19 DPS increase over Valanos', due to the speed.

Also, being very new to this, the initial figures of 600 odd that I quoted yesterday were due to my not having gone into the Buffs tab at all. *grin* This time I gave myself a projected Grace of Air totem, Blessing of Kings, Gift of the Wild, and Leader of the Pack buff. Of those, I suspect only Grace of Air is unrealistic; nearly everyone seems to insist on Windfury being the buff granted by Shamans, which is a shame.

I also entered in a Major Agility Potion, Grilled Mudfish, and a Scroll of Agility V as buffs for me, and Kibler's Bits for my Windserpent.

With all of that, and using Adamantite Stinger Arrows which I will buy beforehand, the final Hunter DPS came out at 679.86, with a total of 886.87 after the pet, 1,117 Agility, and 43.99% crit. That's also a little more than my projected unbuffed DPS output with Beast Mastery. (Around 830)

Those buffs would then also apparently give me a tooltip RAP of 1,897, with an effective total after IHM, EW, and Survival Instincts of 2,667. EW is, of course, the wild card with Surv. It's completely invisible in-game; it doesn't show up on dps meters, WWS, anywhere.

The main thing that immediately leaps out at me about the above is what I've observed in-game, that Wind Serpents are truly awesome pets. As Alu writes though, Lightning Breath doesn't really take off until after 30% crit; before that, there isn't much in it between a Wind Serpent and a Ravager.

Those numbers are I think a little more healthy than my initial ones, anywayz. Buffs seem to make a lot of difference with Surv, presumably due to the dynamic nature of Agility, primarily.

EDIT:- I also just went into the Shot Rotation tab of the spreadsheet and changed that from a straight 1:1 rotation to what I think is a 1:1.5; Auto, Steady, Multi, Auto, Steady, Arcane, Auto, Steady, Auto, Steady, (repeat) and that pushed Hunter DPS up to 787.93, and the total to 1000.34.

I wouldn't believe this, except that I managed to hit 1k against Pandemonius I think it was in the Mana Tombs once. I had Grace of Air and BoK at the time then, as well. So I definitely made some mistakes in my initial figures with the spreadsheet.

The above is also with the 0/20/41 spec, which Alumatine specifically tells people not to use for raiding. I redid this with his recommended 0/28/33 spec, though with Barrage rather than Improved Arcane Shot, and total DPS came out at 1004.75; so there really isn't a lot in it, and to be honest, I think I'm more than willing to trade 4 DPS to be able to keep Readiness. ;-)

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