Sunday, May 25, 2008

More spec angst

So as I've written, recently I've again tried to somehow force myself to transition to Beast Mastery, at least temporarily, in order to supposedly do the right thing for my new guild.

We did a Black Morass less than an hour ago though, where I was using the dreaded macro, and I found myself thinking afterwards; I might as well be botting. The playstyle with it is completely mechanical; I actually wondered why I needed to be at the keyboard.

It also therefore reminded me what I've felt before; if I have to use BM in order to raid, it's going to literally remove whatever motivation I have to play the game at all. So I respecced back.

I've seen a few people leave WoW, recently. Rilgon because he couldn't be Marks any more, at least partially. Efri because his account was hacked and I think that removed a lot of his motivation, in conjunction with other things.

If I look at it, Survival is actually what keeps me playing this game. The promise of new gear doesn't; gear is only a means to an end, not an end in itself. The promise of new content does to a vague degree, but not enough to keep me playing by itself.

Survival is what holds me here. If Blizz break the tree, then I'll leave too; but as long as it's intact, probably nothing else will cause me to leave.

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