Saturday, April 5, 2008

An apology to someone

I've done something I'm not terribly proud of, which might make my last post sound like hypocrisy, although that is not the intention.

I put my MSN messenger contact address in the forum in order for Rilgon and Alumatine to be able to contact me, the other day.

However, I also was contacted by someone else; a person who identified themselves simply as Jho. We talked for a little while, but I will confess that I started to become somewhat scared, as he/she seemed intent on discovering as much personal information about me as possible, and also gave what I interpreted as a few other signs of being severely (possibly dangerously) mentally ill.

I didn't swear at this person or otherwise engage in any negativity whatsoever, but at one point in the conversation I simply, wordlessly blocked and deleted the contact from my MSN client.

This situation presented (and still presents) a problem for me. I find myself wanting to be as accepting of others as I would want them to be of me, especially given what I wrote in the last post about acceptance, and yet at the same time I also feel a strong need to protect myself from potentially problematic influences.

Jho, if you're reading this, I do apologise for deleting your contact in such an abrupt manner, but some of what was said did alarm me. I was unsure how to explicitly handle the situation without offending you.

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