Monday, April 28, 2008

A satisfying match in Arathi Basin

I've spent the last 4-5 days in Arathi Basin, slowly attempting to replace at least some of my current gear. Stat wise, the S1 set is utterly fantastic; with my current gear, once I've regemmed I'll be at 750 base ag. My plan is to hit 800 base before I finally pug Kara, and I'm on track at the moment I think to hitting that goal.

I wanted to share a screenshot though of the result of my last game. Alumatine's 0/28/33 hybrid spec is nice, with high burst; I can break 2k with multi fairly regularly with it. For PvP though it's not quite as good; I was having trouble getting past 5th place in kills.

This game was a loss overall, in terms of capturing nodes; we very rarely get teams who care about that at all, any more, and I've found it frustrating to the point of not being worth it if I try and encourage them to. People treat it like an open air, multiperson version of the Arena, and I'm learning not to swim against the tide in that respect. My own measure of success, then, has become my final place on the board, irrespective of if the node game is won.

I got the above with the respec; it's the same spec that my Armory profile should show currently, assuming it's updated now. Note in particular how low my damage output is comparitively with other people; it's even lower than people who are below me in the list.

I tend to hit flow state with this spec; there were times during this match where I can remember being only partially conscious, and I've had that happen during Scholo soloing when using it as well.

I'm also not going to try and tell anyone who feels the same way about BM that they should respec; most of the people on the forum are mere scenesters, but I know that Pike and BRK are not. It's why I can't respec BM for raiding, even if it does mean I never do raid. Where WoW is concerned, Survival is what I am, to the point where probably only really the Paladin holds much interest for me, in terms of other classes; and Ret is essentially Survival's mirror image in a melee sense anyway, as I've often said. It's why I actually largely stopped playing the game for almost six months and lived on the forum, truth be told; because I was tired of the amount of crap that I kept getting for being Surv, and so figured that if I couldn't be, I just wouldn't play at all.

Asking me to respec BM though would be the equivalent of asking BRK to respec Survival; it'd probably destroy his primary reason for playing the game, as that change largely would mine. That's why, even though I suspect he doesn't think it, I do still respect him; because like Pike, he is someone who plays BM for the right reasons.

True Beast Masters, as Pike have said; people who play it because they genuinely love the spec, are alarmingly rare, it seems. The impression I've consistently gained on the forum is of a group of largely ex-Marks people who play BM purely to be accepted in raid groups, but who privately absolutely hate it. I think that's why Survival has always been the rarest used, though. Unlike the other two trees, Survival has always been underground; it hasn't had a turn at being the in crowd's spec, and so the only reason why anyone uses it is because they really want to, actually in defiance of what others consider acceptable.

I did this with Immolation Trap, Serpent Sting, wing clipping/concussing opponents and then jumping back to start a usual 1:1.5 rotation. According to my numbers stated earlier in my trapping post, the Serpent/Immolation combo does 3k+ damage over 15 sec; at 9k, that's one third of a target's health. This damage is also magical, and therefore entirely unmitigated by what I consider the melee hack ratings, Defense Rating and Resilience. I also still use my boar as a pet, as although his damage output is lower, he very rarely dies in comparison with the experimental ravager that I had tamed.

The above was successful on multiple occasions against other Hunters, Warriors, Rogues, Paladins, and Mages, although Warlocks, Shamans, Priests, and to a lesser extent Druids are classes that I can still have some difficulty with. This can also be seen, I think, as independent verification that Bandet's philosophy is valid and effective, as in truth I suspect that he and I think somewhat alike.

After this, I've also realised that I'm no longer going to listen to people on the forum who try to tell me that I do not know how to play my class. The style might be unorthodox, I don't argue with that; but I have the numbers, I've done testing, and for just about everything other than raiding, it works.

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