Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Low threat magic

The entire Bloodlust battlegroup went offline earlier this morning, so I decided to play with an alt on Earthen Ring. I went on a run through Razorfen Kraul with a couple of nice people from there.

Although I'm up to a level with that character (26) where I already had Multi and Arcane Shot, I decided to try using my more general pattern now of Immolation Trap and Serpent Sting with Auto, even in the instance. I started seeing some pretty amazing things happen.

There was one occasion when an auto crit pulled aggro from the boar onto me. On me turning auto off and standing still, the boar momentarily regained aggro, and I resumed fire. At that level I didn't have Feign or Disengage, but in this case, I didn't need either.

Another thing I'm able to do with my dots and pure auto, which I can't do if I use Arcane or Multi, is multimob pet tanking with 2 or 3 mobs, with nothing other than Growl. Our main tank nearly died, so I did this temporarily and was able to buy the healer some time to save his life.

It also means that if I get adds while soloing, where I once might have freaked out, now I relax. I can either 1) use Distracting Shot to pull the add to me to freeze it, 2) hit it with Wyvern Sting, 3) put Mend Pet on and drop Snake Trap to keep it mostly occupied until I've finished the first mob, or 4) throw Mend Pet on, redirect the boar to the add, give it 2 Growls, then redirect back to the first mob and finish killing it.

If on the other hand I panic and hit Arcane or Multi, I don't have those options. The mob just gets pulled to me, and sometimes won't get off me no matter what I do; including Disengage or Feign.

So, tomorrow when you're doing your dailies, I invite you to try that; using an Immolation Trap, Serpent Sting, and then straight Auto shot on mobs without any Arcane, Multi or even Steady at all. I also did that with my dailies this evening, and went through them I think faster than I ever have before, because I a) didn't die due to my ambient threat going through the roof, and b) didn't need to drink more than probably once every 8-10 mobs.

This also works great even with Beast Mastery, as it means you can keep Intimidation as a panic button for when you truly need it.

You'll see magic happen. ;-)

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