Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A poem

This is something I was inspired to write by a thread I found in the Suggestions forum. I've been accused of being emo before, so if anyone else wants to level that accusation, feel free. :)

I thought leave taking had already past,
Where roleplayers and the great old ones of yore,
Had drifted away, melted away,
Weeping, into our memories.

For now, sun slowly sets on Azeroth,
Where soon no one will ride out once again,
Orc and Human both fade into night,
And neither more, shall be remembered, then.

And what of me, why do I stay,
Knowing that this must pass?
That Black Rock's fire elementals, shall no longer burn,
No Tauren hoof beat down on Mulgore's grass?

I stay for love, of Troll and Orc,
Of polearm, bow, and sword,
All this and more was given me,
As servant of the Horde.

I stay because the real world that I live in,
Is now corrupt and mediocre, soft,
And so I, first time, sought something better,

And found it,
Now passed,
Once living,
In Azeroth.

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