Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Instance food

This is something I've sometimes made to eat during instances. I have no idea what else to call it, so that name works, I figure. These measurements are metric, and I don't know what they translate into in American terms, unfortunately; but you might be able to find out somehow. If someone else can help me with a name, be my guest.


(The cans are precise measurements; I don't give measurements for the spices other than the garlic because I normally measure those visually. I'll explain how in a bit)

1x 410g can of mackerel. (fish)
1x 410g can of asparagus cuts and tips.
1x 410g can of chopped champignons OR
400-500g fresh chopped mushrooms.
1x 410g can of precooked potato salad, with mayonnaise.
3 teaspoons olive oil.
Hot paprika.
2 teaspoons minced garlic. (Equal to 2 cloves)
Mild paprika. (Get the smoked stuff if you can)

McKormick's Season-All Salt.
(http://www.mccormick.com/productdetail.cfm?ID=6393 - the celery seeds in this stuff are awesome)

Masterfoods Italian Herbs (not American I don't think, so if you can't get it, just combine trace amounts of Marjoram, Basil, Red Bell Peppers, Rosemary, Oregano, Parsley, Thyme)

Sweet Basil. (Masterfoods changed their blend to have less basil a bit back I think, so I put a bit more in because I like it; this is totally up to you)


1. Drain mackerel thoroughly and empty it into a large bowl. (Probably a 1.5-2 litre mixing bowl would be safe, if you've got something that size)

2. Dust hot paprika finely over the mackerel pieces. This is an individual thing. I want enough so that you're aware of the taste of it in the end, but not so much that it's choking me.

3. Add the minced garlic and olive oil to the mackerel, and with a fork, mash the mackerel and minced garlic up. I want to get rid of any large pieces, so that it is all a consistent size and holds together. The olive oil is a balancing act. I want enough so that the fish is just moist and holds together, but not so much that the finished product is swimming in oil.

4. Drain the canned asparagus as thoroughly as you can, and add it on top of the mashed mackerel. Smooth it out with the fork so it covers the mackerel evenly.

5. Sprinkle mild paprika over the asparagus layer. I want enough to that the asparagus is very lightly but evenly covered, but not enough that the covering is thick at all; it needs to be very thin and even.

6. Sprinkle Season-All Salt over the mild paprika. Again, make sure it's light, but even.

7. Sprinkle Italian Herbs/Basil over the Season-All Salt. Again, make sure it's light, but even.

8. Drain champignons thoroughly, and add either them or your mushrooms (whichever you've got) on top of the asparagus.

9. Add potato salad on top of the mushrooms/champignons. Again, layer these out evenly.

10. Take a spoon, and plunge it to the bottom of the bowl. Lift up so that the mackerel from the bottom of the bowl is brought to the top, over the potato salad. Repeat this until all of the layers (mackerel, asparagus, mushrooms, potato salad) are thoroughly mixed, but do not do it so much that the ingredients become pulverized. I like the mixture to retain a chunky consistency.

11. Measure out into two or three equal sized bowls (depending on how hungry you are and who else is around) and eat. It won't store in the fridge for much more than 24 hours; fish doesn't keep well. I usually just eat it cold, but you could probably microwave it as well. Keep a bowl of it within aggro radius by the computer with a spoon stuck in it, and grab a mouthful while your character is drinking between mob pulls. ;-)

This might end up looking somewhat disgusting visually, but it's very substantial, and one of the most nutritionally dense types of food that I know of.

Olive oil and garlic are both unbelievably good for you; if I'm starting to get a cold, I'll have a large bowl of this, and then I won't end up getting sick, because as well as the garlic being an antibiotic, I'm getting nutrients from the vegetables and mackerel as well.

It would also work well as a hangover cure, because as well as the oil helping to clean up the alcohol, garlic will help your immune system to recover after the drinking, and asparagus is both a kidney tonic and a laxative.

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