Thursday, April 3, 2008

Keeping Silent

Yurch mentioned earlier in a forum thread I started that a "real Survivalist," (meaning real-life, presumably) wouldn't make as much noise as Bandet and I have been lately.

For a certain period of time I thought he was possibly right, and decided to shut up; but then I found myself disagreeing with it.

I'm not going to claim to know nearly enough about Survivalism as a real-life ideology outside WoW to be able to argue with Yurch, if he is indeed one himself. I will very simply say this.

I don't see much point in a person keeping themselves biologically alive, if the way they do that is by keeping totally silent; never making noise, and never doing anything due to fear of the consequences. Truthfully, I spend far too much time offline living like that; I have for most of my life. It's cowardice, and I want to stop being a coward, gradually at least.

I'm starting to think that a life that isn't used trying to have some sort of consequence is a wasted existence; whether that is online or off, and to that end, I actually am going to keep fighting the BM zombies in the forum. That isn't directed towards everyone who specs Beast Mastery, but I realise that there are a group within the forum who are not going to rest until every single person who plays a Hunter in this game uses 41/20/0; us all being entirely uniform clones of each other is what they want.

Rilgon has already grown tired of the pressure, derison, and guild application rejection to the point where he has caved, and respecced.

I am not going to.

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