Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Howitzer has left

As Rilgon notes on his own blog, Howitzer today announced his departure in the Hunter forum.

I admit Howitzer wasn't someone I knew a lot about; but he apparently contributed a very great deal of information to starting Hunters. He was also playing WoW from almost the very beginning; December 2003, and the closed beta. He would doubtless have some memories of Survival in its' earliest form, even if it was not his own spec at the time.

I am trying to tell myself that the end is as much a part of things as the beginning; to remember that as Kali weaves substance from the formlessness of the void, so it eventually must return there. However, in some cases remembering that does not necessarily ease my pain.

Mater genuit. Mater receipt.

Mother bore me. Mother took me back.

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