Monday, April 7, 2008

A Day on Silver Hand

I went to log into Thaurissan yesterday morning, but there was a problem of some kind preventing me from doing so.

Although I originally intended for it to only be for a few minutes, I then went and opened my Alliance character on Pike's server. Pike was there, but we only spoke very briefly, as she was in Karazhan and I didn't want to disturb her.

I ended up doing several runs within the Deadmines, which, although from the perspective of the groups, were fairly disastrous, the positive aspect was that I ended up getting probably two levels in the space of two hours; something which I wasn't able to go close to matching with a subsequent two hours of questing.

I've long suspected that instancing is the only real way to go when truly fast levelling is what I'm after; there are mobs in front of me constantly once I get inside, and I don't have to do a lot of walking around to find a specific mob type. There are also several instance based quests available for pretty much any instance, so I can couple fast grinding with quest experience as well.

I want to get to the point where I can possibly run the odd Heroic with Pike occasionally perhaps, if she is interested, and so on the few days I'm able to focus on the Silver Hand alt, I'm trying to level it as quickly as possible. At the rate Pike seems to be going, though, she's probably going to have hit the Black Temple before I get to 70 with that toon myself. ;-)

However, to Efri I also say, don't worry. I'm definitely still focused on my main on Thaurissan, and I realise I do need to narrow my focus more if I ever really want to get anywhere in this game. I was speaking to Zalmi on the forum the other day, and so I started levelling an alt to maybe play with him a bit, but I ended up deleting it. It takes so long, and if I want to finally get to some meaningful progression with my main, I need to focus on it primarily. It's just hard though because there are so many people I find myself wanting to spend time with on diff servers.

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