Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why I need to focus on my main.


"Of course not. You're some terrible scrub with a snowflake complex.

You're not good at the game and you'll never be in an accomplished guild so it really doesn't matter, but I'm right, and you're not."

This is why Efri is right, and I need to focus on progressing with my main. More than anything else, I need to prove people like this wrong.

Also, in case anyone is wondering why I've written previously about having problems with Rogues; this individual is a prime example of why.

I shouldn't admit this, because if the guy quoted reads this, he's the type who'll probably feel a fairly high degree of satisfaction from knowing it...but this got through, and it's stinging...mainly because in terms of my progression at least, part of me is worried he's right.

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