Sunday, April 13, 2008

I've developed a shadow

I've noticed that on about the last half dozen or so posts that I've made, someone has been consistently giving them one star ratings.

I'm guessing this is being done by one of the trolls from the Hunter forum who have followed me here. For some reason my money is on Twotonfun; it resembles the pattern of persistent trolling he engages in on the forum.

Twoton, if it is you, please do get a life, and stop it. If you don't, I may have to disable the rating feature.

Also, for any of the trolls from the forum who might be getting the idea that you can persistently dog me here to the same degree that you have there occasionally; realise that this blog is very different. I can ban IP addresses or even entire IP blocks from commenting here if need be, so please do not labour under the illusion that your attacking of me here will share the same degree of success that it might have on the forum.

Thank you, and I apologise to my regular, more intelligent readers for having to expose you to that unpleasantness. I will now return to a more positive form of posting.

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